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Blocco Service Everest A10 a 4 posti per mense aziendali

Everest Service Block - A10 Top

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Everest service block - A10 top is perfect for school and company canteens, self-service restaurants, fast foods/buffets, pubs and beerhouses.

Ideal also in libraries, reading rooms, auditoriums and classrooms.

Dimensions of the top
Color of the seat
  • Blue Ral 5002
  • Red Ral 3020
  • Black
  • Orange Ral 2004
  • Charcoal grey Ral 7015
  • Brown Ral 8017
  • Green Ral 6029
  • Air-force blue Ral 5009
  • Yellow Ral 1003 nig
Finish of the frame
Color of the edge
  • Black
  • Grey
Color of the top
  • White A 020
  • Grey A 527
  • Beech A 1286
  • Wenge P 312


Frame in steel tube with diameter of 60 mm painted with thermosetting powders in black, metallic aluminium, embossed aluminium and embossed dark grey colour.

Two-seater top of 70x80 cm, four-seater top of 120x80 cm or six-seater top of 210x80 cm.

Piano in melamine material in white, light grey, beech or wenge with with 25 mm thick edge in black or grey convex PVC. Rounded edges.

Seats in polypropylene in color of your choice. Swivel seater supports with automatic return rto a position parallel to the table top. 

Adjustable PVC feet.

This product successfully passed the UNI fatigue tests.

Product Details

70-120-210 CM.
80 CM.
50 KG.
Type of frame
Type of seat
PVC feet, Adjustable feet
Type of top
Number of seats
2, 6, 4

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