Piano in laminato tipo C
Piano in laminato tipo C
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Piano in laminato tipo C
Piano in laminato tipo C

P-type Laminate Top

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P-type top layered top in black, dark grey, light grey, ivory, white, stromboli, fire coat or basalt volcano with black flat or semi-round edge with 12 mm thickness. Or, top in bleached oak or wenge colour with brown edge with thickness of 10 mm

On request, available in white full color and white 30 mm thick edge. 

Suitable, preferably in light colours, for outdoor use. 

Possibility of cutting the top to measure. For further information, send an email to info@tavolisedie.com. 

Dimensions of the top
Color of the top
  • White A 020
  • Ivory A 244
  • Grigio A 210
  • Nero A 509
  • Oak whitened P 386
  • Wenge P 312
  • Grey dark A 526
  • Stromboli
  • Basalt
  • Fire coat
  • Black A 527
Type of edge

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Available in the following Arpa finishes: white A 20, light grey A 210, dark grey A 526, ivory A 244, stromboli A 3349, basalt A 3340 and fire coat A 3276.

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