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Focus on bars

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Find more is the best strategical partner to rely on for the online purchase of furniture for bars, restaurants, canteens, schools and offices. Born as an e-commerce, our store is specialized in the sale of furniture able to meet high quality standards: products of excellent workmanship, conceived, designed and built to stand up over time.

Our furnishings are the result of the creativity and stylistic genius of the best architects and interior design professionals. is able to provide you with a wide range of furniture, both for indoors and outdoors; in particular in our store it is possible to purchase chairs, stools, waiting benches, deck and folding tables, school desks and monoblock canteen tables.

And also, the range of our extremely varied and articulated commercial offer includes small armchairs, sofas, outdoor benches, lockers for changing rooms, cloth stands, ashtrays, umbrella stands, wastepaper basket, fast-food rubbish bins and a series of accessories created for catering and office environments.  

Today our company can boast a consolidated twenty-year experience in the sale of furniture, thanks to a solid relationship with the best producers and manufacturing companies, specialized in the processing of metal tube, and in the production of high-quality furniture characterized by modern and appealing stylistic shapes.

All the products sold in our store are built with the best materials available on the market and with the maximum attention paid to the care for details. Quality is always in the first place in the production of our products: the furniture proposed by is fully compliant with the safety standards in force and every single element that composes it, is realized with the use of non-toxic and recyclable materials.

Production always focuses on the creation of products with shockproof finishes and made with the help of fireproof or water-repellent materials, in order to meet the needs of the most demanding final consumers. A very important sector for our commercial proposal is that of school and education, for which the UNI standards in force related to heights and sizes of the furniture suitable for all school levels are fully respected.

Our commercial proposal is aimed at companies and private users and, in particular, at hotels, restaurants, bars, snack bars, lounge pubs, garden cafés, catering and ice-cream parlours. Our products are also aimed at pastry shops, pizza restaurants, beerhouses, pubs, roadside refreshment points, self-service restaurants, shopping centers, canteens and refectories.

In particular, with regard to the education sector, our commercial proposal is aimed at schools, nurseries and universities, with specific focus on canteens and study contexts. Moreover, is a strategic partner for companies, offices, laboratories, professional services firms, medical practices, but also for public administration offices and private users for the furniture of their own house or outdoor space or garden.

Choosing and purchasing one of our products, you will have the opportunity to benefit from the interesting condition of free shipping, in two specific situations: by subscribing to our newsletter during your first order and by receiving a free shipping coupon to be used for any amount on your first order. Moreover, free shipping is also always guaranteed for orders over an amount of Euro 500,00 (VAT included). For all the other orders of less than Euro 500,00 the shipping costs are established in three standard different price ranges for the entire national territory, according to the total weight of the goods ordered: Euro 10,00 VAT included, Euro 15,00 VAT included and Euro 25,00 VAT included. Shipping charges will include both the packing and postage charges and the transport charges. Packing charges will be fixed, while transport charges will be unified for the whole Italian territory, including the islands.

With regard to the method of delivery, uses only express couriers, both with regard to the deliveries on the national territory and international deliveries in order to always guarantee the highest quality of the delivery service provided. Moreover, each delivery will be strictly carried out at the street level, in front of the street number of destination of the goods; each delivery by a reserved day and time, in single houses or to the relevant condominium floor, can take place only by previous agreement on time and on the operation surcharge (to be specified as a note when ordering). Once the payment is completed, the Customer will be quickly contacted via email by our staff, which will communicate the relevant timing and the surcharge.

If the customer accepts the specifications with communication always by e-mail at,, the goods will be prepared for shipment; if the customer should not accept, the order will be regularly cancelled and, will pay back to the Customer the amount paid at the time of completing the order.

In order to avoid problems relating to the delivery of the purchased products, depending for example on the absence of the consignee or on the fact that he couldn’t be found at the address indicated, it is essential for the Customer to indicate precise and complete information, for example by indicating that the goods must be left in the concierge’s office, or by specifying the exact name on the intercom of the building, or, again, by indicating the names of any neighbors willing to collect the goods to be delivered. Anyway, it is highly recommended to indicate a contact phone number where to be reached.

In addition to this, it will be necessary to indicate any traffic restrictions that may apply, specifically for people living in historical centers and in areas subject to limited traffic regulations; in these cases, the goods will be delivered in the hours permitted by the relevant municipal provisions. Figures provided in purchasing orders will not be spread and will be only used by for completing the deliveries.  

At the time of delivery, the Customer will undertake to verify the actual integrity of the packages and that they are not open, wet, damaged or in no way compromised or gone bad. For any problems occurred, it will be necessary to put the signature “received with reservation”, by specifying the reasons for this directly on the delivery document.  

With regard to shipping time, they will include the preparation of the goods and the time of transport of the express courier: preparation time will be of maximum 4 working weeks, while transport time will be of 3, 5 working days respectively.


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