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Tavolisedie.com offers you a wide range of high-quality stools characterized by a modern and elegant design. All our stools are available at extremely competitive prices considering the reference market. Our catalogue opens with Dalia Stool, a model with a plain and elegant design, ideal in contexts such lounge bars, pubs or trendy venues. Dalia Stool is also perfect to complete the furnishing of a domestic environment, in the kitchen and in particular, positioned next to a snack table.

Our catalogue includes also the Iris model, stackable stool to optimise your spaces to the best. The seat of the Iris Stool is in technopolymer. Thanks to the painted frame, Iris Stool can also be used in outdoor spaces such as gardens, balconies or terraces.

Continuing the examination of our proposal for bar and home stools, you can discover the characteristics of the model Viola Stool, with seat available in many colour versions, as per our colour chart. The seat of this model is padded and upholstered with fabric or eco-leather. Lovers of the classic style can decide to purchase Ciclamino Stool, a thonet-type stool painted in embossed aluminium, made in Italy, perfect also for catering contexts. Ciclamino Stool has a snap on hooked seat in polypropylene, Vienna straw type, with black, white or aluminium ring.

Very interesting from a stylistic point of you is the model Lsd Stool in methacrylate sandblasted or coloured. This is a product that successfully undergone the UNI fatigue strength tests carried out by the Catas Company. Moreover, Lsd Stool is stackable. In our catalogue you will find also many other quality products, such as Mimosa Stool, Rosa Stool, Azalea Stool and Narciso Stool

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