Folding and Foldable Rectangular, Square and Round Tables

Showing 1-18 of 18 item(s) offers you a wide range of quality folding and tipping tables: our commercial proposal in this section of the catalogue opens with the model Folding Tevere A 20 Table: it is a perfect furnishing to be prepared in the context of a school, a school canteen, a refectory, a self-service or even an office or a laboratory. This table is also the ideal furnishing solution for a coffee/ snack/dining room in work environments such as offices and studios. Tevere A 20 folding table is also available in the H 24 version and C folding table versions.

And again, our catalogue proposes the Iller Table A 10 model: also this furniture represents the ideal solution for canteens, school canteens, refectories, but also bars, trattorias, breweries, sandwich shops, ice-cream parlours, cafeterias and pubs. Iller A 10 table is also the ideal furniture for the furnishing context of a cafeteria/ snack area in working environments such as offices and professional studios. This model is made with the help of 50 X 20 millimetre steel tube under-top crosspieces and 38 millimetre diameter steel tube legs. The painting is made with thermosetting powders in black or metallic aluminium. The structure also has a joint in plastic material reinforced with black fibreglass, which blocks the legs in both upright and closed position. Iller table is also available in the C version. Alternatively, you can decide to purchase the Samara A 10 Folding Table model (also available in the C version): this model consists of a pair of legs made of steel tube with a diameter of 30 millimetres, painted with black thermosetting powders, or chromed. Continuing the examination of our catalogue you will discover the characteristics and design of the other fantastic models that make up our commercial proposal of folding tables.

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