Simple and functional umbrella stand for home and office

Discover the range of elegant and modernly designed umbrella stands for your home or office. Here you will find high-quality solutions for every furnishing need. From indoor to outdoor models, we have what you need. With premium materials and innovative designs, our umbrella stands combine functionality and aesthetics with style. Explore our catalogue to find the perfect umbrella stand for you and add a touch of elegance to your space.

Showing 1-25 of 25 item(s) is the best online store where to buy simple, elegant and functional umbrella stands for home and office. Our company offers you a wide range of models, to respond concretely to every single design need.

This section of the catalogue opens with the Salice Umbrella stand model: it is a piece of furniture made of metal mesh painted with thermosetting powders in black or aluminium with aluminium bottom and upper band. The special water collection tray is made of plastic material.

As an alternative, our catalogue offers you the Giuggiolo Line Umbrella Stand model, perfect for schools, offices, commercial activities in general, medical and professional offices, waiting rooms and reception. This model is also perfect to be positioned at the entrance of the hall of a cinema, museum or theatre.

Our commercial proposal of simple and functional umbrella stands continues with the Frassino umbrella stand model: it is a piece of furniture made with the help of perforated steel sheet, painted with thermosetting powders in black, aluminium or stainless steel. also proposes the modern and eccentric model Dracena Umbrella stand: this piece of furniture is made of steel sheet painted with thermosetting powders in dark grey embossed or aluminium; also in this case the water collection tray is made of plastic material.

Very interesting from a stylistic point of view is the Conical Umbrella Stand model finished with Buttons - Polished finish. Characterised by extremely modern and futuristic lines, the Conical Umbrella Stand Finished With Buttons is also available in a Lacquered finish. The elegant finish of this model of umbrella stand accessory is made in black colour.

Continuing the examination of our commercial proposal you will discover stylistic and technical characteristics of all the models of umbrella stand available in our catalogue.

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