Waste bins for offices, restaurants and public places

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Tavolisedie.com offers a variety of waste disposers for all needs, whether for public, private, outdoor or indoor places. The most outstanding for the many sizes offered is the dustbin with pedal stainless steel lid and bucket in white galvanized sheet metal and, of the same series, with internal bucket in polished aluminium.

Among the waste bins there are also push bins, with pressure door opening, in steel or with corten finish.

For other contexts and needs there is also a rectangular dustbin with lid, wheels and door opening pedal: functional and very simple or similar but with longopac collection system. This innovative system saves time thanks to the continuous bag system and avoids using so much plastic which does not help the environment.

Perhaps less functional in opening, but very capacious also the dustbin with manual lid and four-wheeled trolley. Much more spartan, but essential, the dustbin bin with pedal lid opening.

Don't forget the rubbish dustpan, a must to have at home or in public places to always have a clean environment.

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