Unique and original outdoor furniture design ideal for terraces and gardens

Enhance your outdoor spaces, from terraces to gardens, with our selection of designer outdoor furniture. Discover products with elegant lines and high-quality materials, ideal for creating unique comfort zones under the open sky. From versatile poufs and multifunctional stools to comfortable armchairs, find furniture that combines style and durability. Explore our proposals to transform your terrace or garden into an oasis of style and relaxation.

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Tavolisedie.com offers you a wide range of outdoor furniture, such as poof, armchairs, chaise longues and stools. Our commercial proposal of outdoor furniture opens with the model Birba Pouf: a very soft pouf ideal as piece of furniture in both in indoor and outdoor environments. Birba Pouf was born from the idea of a zipper that runs along the whole covering of the frame, drawing the lines of an eclectic pouf. The characteristics of this furniture are the simplicity of use, the great lightness and transportability to create a comfort area in whatever furniture context. Birba Pouf is the ideal solution for completing the furnishing of a garden space with a swimming pool.

Very interesting the version Birba Pouf Chaise Longue, available in our catalogue: this model is perfect for completing the furnishing both an indoor and outdoor space as well. Birba Pouf and Birba Pouf Chaise Longue are both upholstered in eco-leather or fabric characterized by a big plastic zipper running along the perimeter of the frame.

In our catalogue you will find also the version Birba Armchair, with the characteristics of the above mentioned products. Moreover, Tavolisedie.com offers you the model Kubik Stool, a creative object able to that can be composed and decomposed and designed to redesign everyday life. This modern design object can be used as a as a stool, small table or domestic totem. Kubik is made of polyethylene stained in a wide range of bright colors.

Being resistant to sunlight, it is perfect for outdoor use. Very interesting from a stylistic point of view is the model Lovely Chair, characterized by curved and organic lines, for an enveloping and comfortable seat.

Our proposal of outdoor furniture ends with the model Plastic Stool: a piece of furniture that is not just a simple seat, but that through its sculptural form allows different uses: stool, small table, support base and domestic totem.

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