Functional coat rack for home and office

If you want a stylish and practical way to organise your clothes at home or in the office, you've come to the right place. Coat racks are essential for keeping spaces tidy and cosy, while adding a touch of style to the room. Choose from modern, minimalist options or more classic, traditional solutions. Explore our wide selection and find the perfect coat rack for you. Shop now from a variety of styles and materials and make your room look neater today.

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If you are looking for functional and practical clothes hangers to prepare in your home or office, by consulting the catalogue, you will find the most suitable accessories and furnishing accessories for your needs.

Our commercial proposal opens with the Abete hanger model: it is a coat hanger for home or office that is also perfect to be prepared in the context of a shop or a commercial activity in general, or in a reception area, or even in a professional office or a doctor's surgery. Abete coat rack is the perfect coat rack for a library. This piece of furniture consists of a 50 millimetre diameter steel tube column, painted with black or aluminium thermosetting powders. The base, upper part and umbrella stand ring are made of black plastic material. Spruce coat stand is a completely removable model.

And again, proposes in its catalogue the Corbezzolo Coat Stand model: also in this case it is the ideal furniture to be prepared in the context of an office, a shop, a professional studio or even a waiting room or a reception. Corbezzolo clothes hanger is composed, like the previous model, of a steel tube with a diameter of 50 millimetres, painted with black or aluminium thermosetting powders. The base, the upper part and the ring of this model are also made with the help of black plastic material.

A modern and contemporary design umbrella stand can now also be used as a furnishing element within an office space: this is the case of our proposal for an Coat Stand with an Ecuador umbrella stand.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a separator element, we propose a solution such as the Separator Element Ciliegio. A steel tube frame with a diameter of 38 millimetres is combined with a panel of 100 X 120 centimetres in plastic laminate in the colour of your choice, with black plastic hanger hooks.

Continuing the examination of our proposal of functional clothes hangers for home and office, you can discover all the beautiful products available in the catalogue.

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