Traditional ashtrays ideal for catering offices and public places

Discover our selection of high-quality ashtrays, ideal for restaurants, offices and public places. We offer several durable indoor and outdoor options, perfect for every style and design need. From column models with mesh lids to table-top models in satin silver, find the perfect solution to maintain order and elegance in your space. Buy now and transform your smoking area with practicality and style.

Showing 1-37 of 37 item(s) offers a wide range of ashtrays, whether for catering areas, public places or offices.

Among the many proposals we have ashtrays with double functionality. Different models, colours and shapes according to personal taste.

From the round ones, to the rectangular ones with more rigid and well marked lines. They are available in variants such as: stainless steel, coloured painted or aluminium painted.

Of high design the ashtrays with internal ash collection container in stainless steel or painted version. 
The ashtrays and ashtrays with corten finish are also particularly aesthetically pleasing: with stainless steel mesh cover in various sizes and shapes.

Among the ashtrays proposed there is also the one with sieve grill and galvanized internal bucket, very elegant.

For every need as many products. In the section you can also find wall or table ashtrays of various finishes. Among the table ashtrays these are an example of refined and particular design.

Also for the outside many solutions are possible. From the more bulky ones that are also used as paper throwers to the less invasive column ones.

For a touch of elegance there are also ashtrays with brass-plated paper throwers, which give a touch of charm even if aluminium is the material that is the most versatile and adaptable to any context.

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