Children's chairs for kindergartens and home environments. Quality and Elegance.

Explore our selection of children's chairs, ideal for kindergartens, playrooms, primary and secondary schools. Designed for maximum safety and comfort, our chairs also stimulate children's creativity. We offer various models, from ergonomic chairs to stackable chairs, to meet different needs. Discover the options available and purchase online the perfect solution to make any space cosy and child-friendly. in this section of the catalogue offers you a wide range of models of chairs for children, able to meet every need and specific needs of our customers.

The catalogue opens with the Lilli Children's Chair proposal, equipped with totally rounded edges that make it particularly ideal for use in structures such as nurseries, kindergartens and kindergartens. The seat of the Lilli model is made of polypropylene in the colour of your choice. The seat height is 25 and 30 centimetres respectively.

Furthermore, our catalogue offers the Berna Chair model, also ideal for school environments such as kindergartens, kindergartens or primary schools. The Bern model is also suitable for use in the canteen areas of school and kindergarten establishments. This model has a steel tube frame with a diameter of 25 millimetres, painted with thermosetting powders in black, aluminium or chrome.

Seat and backrest are made of CL1 fireproof polypropylene in a colour of your choice. Berna is also a stackable chair model.

Continuing the examination of our children's chair proposal, you can examine the style and characteristics of the Rodero chair model: it is a particularly elegant and modern children's chair, with structure and seat in transparent polycarbonate. For this chair there are some warnings related to maintenance: it will be necessary to clean it with a soft cloth soaked only in water and not abrasive. Do not use solvents, degreasers, ethyl alcohol or detergents for daily cleaning.

The commercial proposal of quality children's chairs concludes with the Torino Chair model: this model is also perfect for use in the furnishing context of a school environment, such as a primary school, secondary school or high school. This model is made of steel tube with a diameter of 25 mm, painted with black thermosetting powders or alternatively chromed aluminium; seat and backrest are made of CL1 fireproof polypropylene in a colour of your choice.

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