High quality and design folding chairs at discounted prices

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In the section “folding chairs” you can see the models that make up our commercial offer: our models are characterized by a modern and elegant design and boast an excellent workmanship and quality thanks to the use of first choice materials.

Elegant and space-saving models, like the chair Iana folding chair, ideal for catering and school environments. Moreover, this model is ideal for the furnishing of a reception desk or, alternatively, for waiting rooms in a professional services firm. The colour of the seat can be chosen according to the colours available in our colour chart (white, blue Ral 5002, black, pearl grey Ral 7004, or burgundy red Ral 3003; the minimum order quantity for this product is 4 units.

Alternatively you can decide to buy the model Varenna folding chair: also in this case it is a space-saving piece of furniture. Ideal for being positioned in catering, school or educational environments. The model Praga folding chair is also perfect to furnish professional services firms and offices and operating desks. And again, you can purchase the model Elba wooden folding chair, a classic and elegant chair, practical and simple. The Elba model is certainly an excellent solution to optimize spaces and set up a table with speed and taste. Elba Chair is available in walnut or natural beech colour. 

Continuing with our commercial proposal of folding chairs, you can see the characteristics of the model Sassari folding chair, perfect for domestic environments, in particular living area, and to furnish gardens and terraces. Finally, the proposal Nevada folding chair, is perfect for school and catering environments in general, such as bars and restaurants. Also this model is suitable for furnishing a reception desk, a waiting room, a conference room or a professional services firm.

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