Free shipment: in two ways 

On your first order by subscribing to the newsletter

If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will send you a free shipping coupon that you can use for any amount on your first order. 

Always for orders over 500 euro

Shipment is always free for orders over euro 500.00 (five hundred), VAT included.

3 standard price ranges for all Italy

For orders under euro 500.00 (five hundred), VAT included shipping charges have been optimized and grouped into 3 price ranges based on the total weight of the good ordered:

  • euro 10.00 (ten), VAT excluded.
  • euro 15.00 (fifteen), VAT excluded.
  • euro 25.00 (twenty-five), VAT excluded.

Shipping charges include both packaging and postage costs as well as transport costs. 
Packaging costs are fixed, while transport costs are unified for the whole Italian territory including the Islands. 

Delivery rules

TavoliSedie uses only couriers, both for deliveries on national and international territory, in order to ensure the highest quality of service.

Deliveries are made only at street level in front of the destination street number of the good. Deliveries made by reservation of day and time, inside the single houses or on the condominium floor, can take place only after agreement on timing and surcharge of the operation to be specified at the moment of the order in the notes. The payment will them be made and the Client will be contacted via email by TavoliSedie communicating the specifications of time and surcharge. If the client accepts the specifications with communication via e-mail to, the good will be delivered, otherwise the order will be cancelled and TavoliSedie will pay back the amount paid by the Client at the moment of the order.

To prevent delivery problems from occurring (absence of the consegnee, not available at the address and so on...) it is essential to provide precise and complete indications (for ex. to leave the good in the concierge’s office, exact name on the entry phonedifferent from the name of the person who orders the good, any neighbors willing to pick up the goods, and so on.). It is, however, a good idea to always leave a telephone number to be easily contacted. It is necessary to indicate any traffic restrictions provided for those who live in historic centers and in areas with limited traffic: in these cases, the good will be delivered at the times allowed by municipal regulations.

If, at the moment of the delivery by the Courier no one is present to receive the good for two consecutive attempts, the Courier will keep the good in stock at its warehouses charging the amount of euro 26.90 (twenty-six/90) VAT excluded to be paid by cash on delivery to the carrier for the opening practice and the new delivery attempt, for which TavoliSedie is authorized to contact the Client to arrange the new appointment for delivery. The Courier will keep the good in stock charging for euro 0.55 (zero/55) VAT excluded per quintal per day, with a daily minimum of euro 3.10 (three/10) VAT excluded. The good will be in stock for a maximum of 10 days after which it will return to the warehouses of TavoliSedie. Then, after 7 days, the order will be cancelled and the client will be refunded of the amount paid net of expenses as incurred above with the addition of euro 50,00 (fifty) VAT excluded for the initial shipping costs and the cancellation of the practice.

The data entered in the orders will not be disclosed and will be used exclusively by TavoliSedie for the completion of deliveries. At the moment of the delivery, the Client undertakes to verify the effective integrity of the packages and that they are not open, wet, damaged or in any way tampered or gone bad. For any problem occurred, please sign as RECEIVED WITH RESERVE and describe the reason directly on the delivery note.

In case of signature without contestation of any obvious damage, the Courier is relieved of any liability for damage occurring during transport.

TavoliSedie is relieved, against the purchaser, in the cases of delayed delivery, even partial, due to circumstances beyond one’s control, casualties and in all those in all cases attributable to the responsibility of the courier.

Any complaint must be sent to the following address: C/O GRUPPO ADV Srl, 23875 Osnago (LC), Via Resegone n. 10 or via email to

Shipping times

Shipping times include our preparation times excluded the transport times of the courier.

Preparation times (management of the order and preparation of the good) are of normally 4 working weeks from the receipt of payment of the placed order, while the transport time of the courier is approximately 3-7 working days for Italian destinations. For Internations shipping, the transport time depends on the destination.

If It could not be possibile to manage the order by the standard time, the customer will be contected to provide the choice to delete the order and receive the refund (If the payment has been already made).

Suggestions for saving on shipping costs

We suggest you to group your goods in a single order. We cannot group together two separate orders executed separately and each of them will be subject to shipping costs.

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