Quality chairs for catering professionals and private homes

Discover our wide selection of kitchen and restaurant chairs that combine design, comfort and quality. You will find classic and innovative options available in a variety of colours. We use premium materials to ensure maximum comfort and durability. For catering professionals, we offer elegant solutions designed to withstand heavy use. Explore our range of kitchen and catering seating now and purchase online for convenient delivery to your home.

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In this section of the catalogue, you can discover the characteristics of a wide range of high- quality furniture products made of first choice materials.

Extremely comfortable chairs for restaurants or kitchens, characterized by a classic and elegant design, or alternatively, for those for those who love modernity, by a young and particularly innovative style. 

You may decide to purchase the model Stoccarda Small Armchair, ideal for completing the furnishing of an executive office, a meeting room or a waiting room. Moreover, Stoccarda Small Armchair is perfect to be positioned in a domestic environment, mainly in the living area. This model is available with seat in many different colours, choosing in our colour chart, among which fabric charcoal grey A 37, fabric light blue/blue A 36, fabric burgundy red A 38 and many other colour variants. 

And again, you may decide to buy the model Amber Small Armchair, a perfect piece of furniture for an office, a professional services firm, a reception or a waiting room. Amber Small Armchair is also perfect to complete the furnishing of a domestic space and, in particular, of the living area. 

Our catalogue includes also the minimal and refined Brianna Small Armchair, perfect for being positioned in the living or sleeping area of a home. Brianna Small Armchair is also suitable in a professional services firm or waiting rooms.

Very interesting from a stylistic point of view is the model Chair Yemen, perfect for domestic furnishing or for being positioned in a design and trendy venue or restaurant, in a professional services firm, in a waiting room or in a reception.

Continuing the examination of our catalogue, you can also see our commercial proposal of quality chairs for catering professionals and private homes: there are many available models that can meet different stylistic requirements.

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