Laminate table tops also fire retardant. Round and Square

Showing 1-45 of 45 item(s) in this section of the catalogue offers you a wide assortment of table tops perfect to furnish offices or flats. Almost all the products, in addition to having standard dimensions, can be customized both in size and colour.

Our commercial proposal opens with the model Laminate Flame Retardant Laminate Top Type C2: this table top is available in different shapes (square, rectangular or round) and is made with the help of fire retardant chipboard CL1, plated with fire retardant plastic laminate CL1 in the colour of your choice. This model has a thickness of 27 mm in convex PVC in black, grey or beech. The customer can make a request for custom cuts.

Furthermore, our catalogue offers the model Water-repellent Laminate Top - C1 Type: it is also in this case a table top in fire-retardant chipboard, plated with plastic laminate in the colour of your choice. Laminate Tabletop Ignifugo Type C1 is available in square, rectangular or round shape. Also for this model the customer can request a custom-made surface cut.

The third proposal in our catalogue is E-type Laminate Top: this wood chipboard top, plated with plastic laminate in the colour of your choice, has a 30 mm thick edge in solid beech wood, shaped, semi-rounded, inclined or flat, naturally polished or, on request, stained in the colour of wood.

As an alternative, our catalogue offers you theH24R-type Laminate Top: also in this case it is a wood chipboard top plated with plastic laminate in the colour of your choice, with a 24 mm thick edge in multilayer beech wood, shaped semi-round, inclined or flat, naturally polished and upon request stained in wood colour. The radius of the corners is 40 millimetres respectively.

Continuing the examination of our catalogue, you will discover technical characteristics and style that characterize the wide range of table top models that constitute our commercial proposal. For further information send an e-mail to

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