Lines and barriers to manage queues at selfservice canteens

Discover our selection of line guides and barriers, ideal for delimiting spaces and managing queues in canteens, shops and counters. We offer extendable ribbon columns and sturdy barriers in steel or lightweight plastic, available in various colours and finishes to suit any environment. Explore our solutions to organise and enhance the aesthetics of your space. Buy now and get them conveniently delivered to your door.

Showing 1-34 of 34 item(s) offers you in this section of the catalogue a wide range of guidelines and barriers to manage queues at self-service canteen doors. A wide range of products is available for all needs.

Our catalogue opens with the proposal Column With Removable Tape Quercia: it is a line guide system able to delimit the spaces with the help of extractable tape. Base and column of this product are made of steel painted in black or aluminium or chromed. The tape has a length of 2.70 metres and can be chosen in black, blue or red.

Continuing the examination of the products available in our catalogue we have the model Column Only With Receipt. Without Tape. The base of the steel column is painted black, or aluminium, or chromed.

And offers you different models of steel barriers: models that are perfect for delimiting, channelling and directing rows. the steel barriers are perfect for furnishing contexts such as canteens, self-service, ticket counters, stations, airports and receptions. The frame finish of these models is satin stainless steel. also offers a Wall Ribbon Reel model in black, a Wall Receiver Wall Tape also in black, and a Cordon model.

Also available in our catalogue a model of Exhibitor Format A4 with Black Plexiglass - 21 centimetres, height 30 centimetres black. Alternatively you can buy other models of displays available in our catalogue, such as A4 Format Exhibitor with Satin Plexiglass - 21 centimetres, height 30 centimetres, satin finish.

Our catalogue also offers a wide range of steel panels, such as the model Satin Stainless Steel Panel with Forex Insert, Coloured and Back Adhesive. On the steel panels available in our catalogue, different images are shown, for the different uses of the models.

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