Fire-retardant and water-repellent laminate canteen tables. Rectangular and Square

Showing 1-22 of 22 item(s) is the ideal partner to rely on for the purchase of canteen tables able to meet high quality standards and made with top quality materials. All canteen tables can be customised in the colours of the top and edge. Our commercial proposal of canteen tables opens with the Avon A 10 table model: a perfect furnishing for school, company and refectory canteens. This model is also suitable for use in the spaces of a restaurant, a bar, a trattoria and all those activities that operate in catering services. The Avon A10 table is also the ideal furnishing solution for a school or workplace such as an office or laboratory, or alternatively for furnishing the spaces of a kitchen. The canteen table version C is also available with the possibility of choosing the fireproof, water-resistant or chipboard top.

Continuing the examination of our catalogue regarding the commercial proposal of canteen tables, we have the Senna A 20 model (also available in the H1 version): frame and under-top are made with the aid of 40 by 30 mm steel tube; the removable legs are made with 40 by 40 mm steel tube. Also in this case it is a perfect table model to complete the furnishing of a school canteen, a company canteen, a refectory or a restaurant.

Alternatively you can decide to purchase the Tamigi Canteen Table model, available in the H1 version. The undercounter frame of this model is made of 40 by 30 mm steel tube, while the removable legs are made of 40 by 40 mm steel tube.

Continuing the examination of our catalogue you will discover the characteristics and design of all the models that make up our proposal of canteen tables: models able to express themselves in minimal and contemporary lines, such as the models Yonne Table, Onega Table, Kolva Table, Bann Table, Adige Table, Kamp Tables and many other models.

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