Outdoor benches for public and private gardens and playgrounds

Discover our outdoor benches, perfect for every urban space and private garden. These benches combine functionality with modern and elegant design, transforming outdoor areas into welcoming places. Made to withstand weather and corrosion, they are ideal for public gardens, schools and shopping centres. Buy now to renovate your outdoor space with style and practicality.

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Tavolisedie.com offers you two models of outdoor benches, perfect to be set up in the context of a public garden, a private garden or a playground. Both models, like the whole range of Tavolisedie.com products, are made with first choice materials and able to express a modern and attractive design, able to adapt harmoniously to different furnishing contexts.

We propose the Ghirla Outdoor Bench model, perfect to complete the furnishing of a public or private garden; this bench is also ideal to be set up inside the outdoor spaces of a school or inside a shopping centre. Ghirla Outdoor Bench is made up of a U-profiled steel frame of 65 mm by 25, hot-dip galvanised. The seat is instead composed of 5 cm 190 by 11 by 4.5 staves, in Nordic pine impregnated by pressure in an autoclave. The fixing bolts of the structure (8 millimetres) are galvanised. The structure of this bench is also equipped with holes for anchoring to the ground.

As an alternative to this model, Tavolisedie.com offers you Claire Outdoor Bench, also in this case an outdoor furniture perfect to be prepared in the context of a public or private park, garden of a school or spaces of a shopping centre and in general in all outdoor spaces.

As with the model described above, the Claire Outdoor Bench is also composed of a U-profiled steel frame, 40 by 20 millimetres, hot-dip galvanised. The seat in this model is composed of a number 16 staves of respectively 195 by 4 by 3 centimetres, in Nordic pine impregnated by pressure in an autoclave. Also in this case the bolts (diameter 6 millimetres) are galvanised and the structure has holes for anchoring to the ground.

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