Locker room benches ideal for gyms, swimming pools and sports facilities offers you a wide assortment of benches for changing rooms and gyms: available in our catalogue a wide range of products made with the best materials and able to express a modern and attractive design, perfect for the enhancement of your spaces. Our catalogue proposes you as first model, Bistcho Bench, a furniture designed and realized to be prepared in the context of a shop, shopping centre or waiting room; this model is also perfect to furnish the spaces of a sports changing room of a gym, a sports centre, a school, a swimming pool or a wellness centre or spa.

And again Tavolisedie proposes you the Sport Bench model: this bench is ideal to be set up in the space of a changing room of a sports centre, of a stadium, of a gym, of a swimming pool or of a wellness centre or spa. The dimensions of this furnishing are respectively 100 by 37 centimetres; Panchina Sport is made with the help of a steel tube painted with thermosetting powders in aluminium colour, white/celeste, white/red, black/blue, yellow/blue, yellow/red, red/red, red/red blue and Italian tricolour.

The peculiarity of this furniture is that it is a completely removable bench: this aspect is able to make the difference in terms of functionality and practicality.

Alternatively you can decide to purchase the High Sport Bench version, equipped with a high backrest: this feature makes this furniture particularly suitable to be prepared in the spaces of a changing room of a sports centre, a stadium, a gym and also in this case a wellness centre or a spa. High sports bench is also the ideal furniture for a school.

Continuing the examination of our catalogue you can discover the characteristics of many other quality benches for gyms and sports centres, such as Bench Endine, Bench Garda H24, Bench Garda A10 and other beautiful models that constitute our commercial proposal of benches for changing rooms, gyms, swimming pools and sports centres.

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