Separate waste bins for home office catering

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More and more useful in a world that wants to follow ecology, proposes two baskets for recycling, for home, office and catering. There are two models, same concept but different use.

The first model is composed of single containers of different colours according to the waste to be inserted: red for general waste, blue for paper, green for glass, yellow for plastic and grey for aluminium. They can be sold individually according to the need of the catering activity or similar. Both models are suitable for commercial and non-commercial activities, such as ice cream parlours, bars, canteens, pastry shops and the like.

The other model that we find on is instead a container for multiple separate waste collection: equipped with three coloured compartments that specify the waste to be inserted, whether paper, plastic, glass or other. Available in six colour combinations, which can be traced back to the waste.

They are very popular and used for places where there is an intense transit and a massive influx of people because they are very practical and quick to use.

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