Resistant baskets of various types for restaurants and offices

Are you looking for customisable waste bins and containers? Discover our ideal solutions for restaurants, offices and public spaces. We offer a wide range of waste bins, available in various materials and colours, adaptable to any environment. From all-in-one waste bins to designer ashtrays, find the perfect option for every need. Customise your waste bin and shop online for a more organised and stylish environment.

Showing 1-72 of 192 item(s) offers you in this section useful baskets for the catering and office world. Among the various types present we find wastepaper baskets of different sizes and materials, all with an essential and practical design.

Among the many products for offices and restaurants, you cannot miss the waste bins used for separate waste collection (available in various colours according to the waste: red, yellow, blue, green and grey). Suitable for bars, restaurants, self-service, but also for offices and coworking. If you want an "all-in-one" container for separate waste collection, this requirement is also satisfied. Among the products there is a container that contains three spaces (paper, glass, plastic or other combinations). This model is very popular in environments where there is a large number of people passing through because of its capacity and functionality.

Then we have a series of ashtrays and paper throwers with different shapes: more rounded and rounded and other squared, you just have to choose according to your personal taste. There are also column ashtrays of design and impact, but also semi-round or rectangular wall ashtrays.

Among the office and catering bins there are also dustbins with lids. offers a wide range of dustbins with white finish and stainless steel lid and a comfortable pedal. The different sizes, in height and capacity, determine the price difference. In addition to this model in white, there are also bins with stainless steel pedal lid and an internal aluminium bucket. Available both round and square with wheels.

On the same line we find of various heights and sizes also push containers with pressure door opening, functional and suitable for offices, bars, and not.

Other types of paper throwers are those with satin-finish stainless steel swivel lid or those with self-extinguishing lid, also in stainless steel.

There are also other types of paper throwers such as those for outdoor use, useful for various areas.

There are many and varied products in this section, all useful and aimed at having tidier, cleaner and more hygienic offices, workspaces and refreshment areas. On the site you can see the different solutions and find the one that best suits your case.

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