TavoliSedie.com provides furniture for bars, restaurants, canteens, schools and offices.

Born as an e-commerce, it proposes high quality products conceived for frequent use in public environments by the best designers.

TavoliSedie.com can supply furniture both for indoors and outdoors, in particular: chairs, stools, waiting benches, bridge and folding tables, school tables and mono-block canteen tables.

The range of products also includes: small armchairs, sofas, outdoor benches, lockers for changing rooms, clothes hangers, ashtrays, umbrella stands, wastepaper basket, tray empty trays and catering and office accessories.

Experience, quality and certifications

TavoliSedie.com was born from the twenty-year experience of manufacturing companies specialized in the processing of metal pipe, in the manufacture of quality furniture and in electronic commerce.

Chairs and tables quality always come first, that is why all the products proposed by TavoliSedie.com comply with safety regulations and each single element that composes them is built with non-toxic and recyclable materials.

Great attention is paid in proposing products with shockproof and fireproof or water-repellent materials finishes in order to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients. The company is greatly focused on the school sector, for which the UNI standards have been meticulously followed with heights and sizes suitable for every school level.

For company and private users

  • hotels, restaurants, bars, snack bars, pubs, lounges, gardens, coffeehouses, caterings, ice-cream parlours, pastry shops, pizzerias, breweries, roadside refreshment points and motorway restaurants, self-service restaurants, shopping centres, canteens and dining halls.
  • schools, kindergartens and universities for canteens and study environments.
  • companies, offices, laboratories, professional services firms, medical practices.
  • public administration.
  • private users for furnishing their own home or garden.
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