Accessories Bathrooms for private homes, professional studios and offices

Do you want to transform your bathroom into an elegant and functional environment? Discover our bathroom accessories. Complete your bathroom set with style and practicality, adding a touch of class to every detail. Look at our wide selection of soap dishes, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and more, featuring a modern and refined design. Whether for home or office, our accessories offer the perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality. Buy now from our catalogue and transform your bathroom into a cosy and stylish space. offers a wide range of bathroom accessories to meet every single need and requirement of our customers. This catalogue section starts with the Handle Model A 45 White Finish (45°, 25 centimetres high). And again our company proposes a practical Folding Shower Chair, always characterized by white finishes.

In our catalogue of bathroom accessories you can also find a practical Wall Paper Towel Dispenser in white colour. Another extremely practical and functional accessory that our company offers you in this section of the catalogue is the refined Horizontal Wall Paper Roll Holder with satin finish; the frame of this accessory is made with the help of metal.

Alternatively, offers you a wall paper roll holder with internal unwinding, also with satin finish and metal frame. Another bathroom accessory available in our catalogue is the practical Satin Square Toilet Roll Holder; also in this case the frame is made entirely of metal.

Very elegant and refined is our toilet roll holder model with square and glossy hole; the total height of this accessory is respectively 50 centimetres.

Alternatively available in our catalogue another model of Polished Toilet Toilet Roll Holder, characterized by a height of respectively 37 centimetres. And again this section of the catalogue offers you a model of Folding Bar with Roll Holder of 80 centimetres and polished finish; the weight of this accessory is respectively 2.1 kilograms.

You will also be able to purchase another model of Folding Bar with Roll Holder of 75 centimetres and white colour: the weight of this accessory is 3.2 kilograms. Continuing the examination of our bathroom accessories you will discover features and peculiarities of all the bathroom accessories offered by, such as different types of kleenex holder accessories, a wall container of used toilet bags and much more.

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