How tall should the kitchen table be?


  • How tall should the kitchen table be?
  • The size of a dining table
  • Some tips for choosing your ideal dining table
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What is the ideal height of a kitchen table? In this article we will provide you with valuable advice to help you choose the size of your dining table and the height ratio between the chair and the table. By choosing a dining table with an ideal height, you will create an extremely comfortable and ergonomic space.

In this article we will explain not only how tall your dining table should be, but also how much space you should leave behind the chairs. In order to ensure maximum comfort for your diners, it is also very important to consider the question of table lighting with due attention: a good lighting design can do a lot from a visual point of view. The indicated height references also apply to a work table and a bar table.

The dimensions of a dining table

Let's get down to the question of the right size of a dining table. In this respect we can state that the standard height of a kitchen table or a classic office desk is normally around 75 centimetres. The standard height of a seat is about 45 centimetres respectively. This means that the difference between the height of the table and the height of the seat is approximately 30 centimetres. These are the indications of the height of a table up to 80 centimetres, to guarantee maximum functionality and ergonomics.

Buying a dining table that does not exceed the maximum height is fundamental, since this furniture represents the element we use most in our home.

Today the market offers us different types and sizes of kitchen tables: the most popular versions in the homes of Italians are undoubtedly rectangular tables or square tables. If your family nucleus is composed of four people, we advise you to buy and prepare a square table in your rooms. This type of furniture is in fact perfect to accommodate all diners. An extremely comfortable and spacious square table must be characterised by measurements of 100 X 100 centimetres respectively.

Quanto deve essere alto una tavolo da pranzo

If you are people who enjoy evenings in company and love to invite guests often and willingly to dine at home, in this case the most suitable solution is the purchase of a square table, characterized by dimensions of respectively 140 cm X 140. However, the choice of a round table can also be an optimal solution to guarantee maximum comfort to your diners.

Choosing a round table is also an excellent choice to decorate your dining room with a classic furnishing element. In this case we recommend that you buy a round table with a diameter of at least 60 centimetres to accommodate two people. If you are a family of 4 people in this case the diameter of the table must be at least 90, 100 centimetres.

Some tips for choosing your ideal dining table

After having addressed the subject of the measurements and height of a standard dining table, here are some suggestions for choosing the most suitable furniture for your needs and requirements.

Having ascertained the average height of the kitchen table, let's now focus on the style of this furnishing element. If you love simple lines and minimalist style, the market today offers you many proposals able to respond concretely to your style needs. If this is your taste, our advice is to buy a square rectangular table characterized by a light colour or alternatively black or dark in general.

Lovers of more vintage style lines can instead orient their choice on a crystal dining table model. While this choice is certainly demanding in terms of maintenance, only a crystal table is able to express that great vintage classicism that many people love and look for.

Finally, lovers of a more rustic style can direct their choice to buy a wooden kitchen table, rectangular or circular in shape, perhaps characterized by decorations on the table top or on the legs of the structure.

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