Small house? How to optimize space

One of the problems common to many Italians is being able to optimise the space in a small house in the best possible way. The limited size is a common feature of many homes, especially in large Italian cities. Today it is possible to resort to some furnishing elements and small tricks, in order to be able to make extremely functional and practical even a living space characterized by a particularly limited size. Let's see how.

Optimisation of single and two-room apartments with space-saving table

One of the best ways to optimise the living area of a two-room apartment or even better than a one-room apartment is to set up a space-saving table in the rooms; the latter represents an extremely useful and practical furnishing solution for an environment that does not have a large surface area and for tenants who do not want to give up a comfortable table with a considerable number of seats. Space-saving tables apply the same concept that is generally adopted in the design and production of space-saving furniture. Today the market offers a wide range of space-saving table models, characterized by the most varied shapes and made with the help of different types of materials. An example of a space-saving table is the Dauphin Table model, which has a 10mm tempered glass top with sizes ranging from 120x75 to 180x75.

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Buying a table saves extendable space

Among the various space-saving table models we would like to mention first of all the extendable space-saving tables. This type of furniture is able to guarantee the user a perfect optimization of space that can be managed to the centimetre, so to speak. The need to manage one's own spaces in millimetric terms is even more evident in the kitchen environment or in the living room with adjoining kitchen. In particularly limited spaces, a dining table should not be bulky at all. In such furnishing circumstances, the perfect solution is therefore an extensible table, i.e. a piece of furniture characterised by not excessive dimensions, but which, if necessary, can be transformed into a top able to offer a considerable number of places at the table. In this way you can invite more guests to dinner even in your small two-room or one-room apartment. Our catalogue has different solutions that can be adapted to all space requirements. The extendable Frejus table, available both square 90x90 extendable up to 180cm, and 120x90 with a maximum length of 240cm, the top is in 6mm glass with structure customizable in different colours.

Tips for choosing a space-saving table

So what are the technical aspects that we will have to evaluate before purchasing a space-saving table in our home? First of all, it should be noted that there are space-saving tables on the market for both the kitchen and the living room. The choice will therefore have to be dictated by the shape of the space you have available and above all by the shape: the market offers space-saving tables with a rounded shape, square, and small or, on the contrary, relatively large dimensions. When choosing a space-saving table it will also be essential to pay the utmost attention to the type of material with which the furniture has been made. A space-saving extending table can in fact be made with materials such as wood, aluminium and other types of materials.

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Space-saving extendable tables or folding tables?

An extendable space-saving table that can accommodate four people can extend and expand on average by 60 to 80 centimetres to accommodate eight diners. The mechanism of the extendable space-saving tables is usually placed on the inside of the table structure and therefore not visible from the outside. Thanks to this mechanism it will be possible to transform a table of reduced dimensions, extending it considerably. In case you decide to buy a space-saving extendable table, our advice is to opt for a quality model, made with first choice materials that will allow the furniture to be preserved for a long time. Poor quality tables, due to the fact that they will have to be opened and closed frequently, will deteriorate quickly over time. An alternative to extendable space-saving tables is represented by folding tables; the latter are probably less aesthetically pleasing than extendable tables. However, folding tables are an ideal solution for those who have particularly limited space; this type of furniture can in fact bend on its structure and once closed occupy an extremely limited space and be arranged inside a closet or attic. An example of a folding table is the one in our catalogue called Iller C Table, with dimensions equal to 120x80 with the possibility of customisation of the top and edge.

Other ideas for the furnishing of a single or two-room apartment

For the furnishing of a single or two-room apartment with a particularly limited size it will be necessary to have extremely clear ideas. You will have to make the most of the few square metres that you will have at your disposal, inserting furniture and furnishing accessories able to make the most of your spaces, without however giving the sensation of disorder and crowding. We can say, with full knowledge of the facts, that even in a particularly limited and in some ways cramped space it is possible to give rise to a particularly appetizing and refined furnishing: for this purpose it will be necessary to start from your priorities and make the right choice of furniture and objects that you intend to place within your spaces. It is also true that there are different types of one-room and two-room apartments: there are in fact houses where it will be possible, for example, to exploit the considerable height of the ceiling: in this case an idea could be represented by the creation of a loft, so as to create a separate environment to be used as a sleeping area or why not as a small living room or study. Regardless of the conformation of the limited spaces you will have at your disposal, in order to realize the furnishing of a single or two-roomed apartment it will be fundamental to identify a strategy that will allow you to optimize the spaces in the best possible way.

Strategy for the furnishing of a small home

For the furnishing of a small house you must first of all choose the colour of the walls carefully. In this regard our advice is to avoid dark or excessively bright colours, as they would give the impression that your spaces are even smaller and narrower than they are. Therefore, it is best to choose the colour of the walls with the help of light colours, such as pastel colours: white, ivory or straw yellow. Particular attention should be paid to the size and proportions of the furniture. The right compromise should be made when buying small but as capacious furniture as possible. If you need to accommodate more than 4 people, folding chairs are very useful and are ideal for those who do not have much space in their homes. An aspect of fundamental importance, related to the furnishing of a small space is represented by the lighting project; light in this case is really everything and it is an aspect that can greatly influence the perception of the people who will be inside your spaces. Playing with light correctly will make your spaces seem larger and more welcoming. In addition to the natural light that will come into your rooms during the day, you will have to treat yourself to a few extra lamps in the evening. In this regard, the purchase of a suspended lamp could be an excellent solution. A lighting project studied ad hoc, will allow you to create the right atmosphere, essential to complete the furnishing of your home. In a limited space, especially in a one-room or two-room apartment, you should consider buying a sofa bed: if you cannot use the height of the walls to create a loft, you can opt for the purchase of a sofa bed. For an environment characterised by limited dimensions, just as for a large room, fabrics used and curtains are elements that can make the difference. As far as fabrics are concerned, the same rule will apply as for walls: always prefer light and bright colours that will allow you to illuminate your environment and give you that touch of liveliness that can create the suggestion of a larger environment.